Dr.Ursula Tonar is a dermatologist practicing in Vienna who specializes in beauty and skin longevity and performs beauty treatments in her practice.
Each product contains a special formula (SLF=Skin Longevity Formula) that aims to ensure long-lasting vitality of the skin cells.
They are developed dermatologically/by the dermatologist Ursula Tonar based on the latest scientific findings in epigenetics.
On stimulation of epigenetic mechanisms.
The inherited program of the cells is activated or deactivated by external influences. Like a light switch, we can turn processes on and off at the smallest cellular level. Cell functions can be activated so that the cells deliver peak performance and remain fit: for the beauty and vitality of the skin.
Skin care with the right active ingredients, avoiding direct sunlight, refraining from smoking, protecting yourself from blue light rays, drying out the skin through aggressive cleansing, healthy nutrition and supporting the circadian (day-night) rhythm of our cells through appropriate skin care (and rituals).
They activate cell repair and cleansing programs (cell renewal), strengthen the cellular energy supply, stimulate healing processes and calm inflammatory processes. The result: improved collagen structure for firm and smooth skin strengthened barrier function to protect against environmental pollutants and against drying out (TEWL=Trans Epidermal Water Loss) better hydration, plump and youthful skin.
Skin Longevity Formula: a combination (formula) of active ingredients in our products that make cells particularly functional in order to keep them active and vital.
Longevity literally means longevity - related to our cells: health and vitality of our cells as long as we live.
The products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
The eye cream and the day cream in particular soothe and smooth irritated skin and can also be used on particularly sensitive skin. All our products are very well tolerated. For all products we offer a money-back guarantee in case of intolerance.
This is where the use of our lift oil helps: pure or in combination with our other products.
Hyaluronic acid in the form of tiny molecules (=oligohyaluronic acid) and ectoine.

Trust us


Our high-quality ingredients are proven to be epigenetically effective and bioidentical - for a visible effect.


Our products are all developed in Austria by the experienced dermatologist Dr. Ursula Tonar.


We only use the best ingredients. Our products are free from silicones, parabens, paraffins and microplastics.


Our promise to you: Our skincare products are 100% developed and manufactured without animal testing.