About Us

Our Vision

Beautiful skin for life – that is Dr. Tonar Cosmetics’ vision. The founder, namesake and expert for aesthetic dermatology, Dr. Ursula Tonar, has been studying the subject of skin and beauty for decades. With the help of our innovative team of specialists, we are turning this knowledge into the best beauty products.

Our Research

„The New Beauty Sleep“ was developed during 15 years of intensive research in cooperation with over 1000 test persons. Glycolic acid and retinol are among the most effective anti-aging agents in dermatology. However, they often cause skin irritations when used in common products. Due to our new and unique technology, we were able to formulate a range of skin care products with highly concentrated beauty ingredients. Our products ensure best results with optimal skin compatibility. Our treatments do not only enter the surface of the skin, but also penetrate deep into its lower levels and help stimulate cell regeneration.

Our Values

Dr. Ursula Tonar has always been driven by a passion for beauty and innovation. As a company, we are committed to excel in these values as well as in transparency and responsibility. Therefore, all of our skin-care products are based on the most valuable ingredients, contain no harmful agents and are not tested on animals.