The New Beauty Sleep

Dr. Tonar Cosmetics
Dr. Tonar Cosmetics
March 04, 2019

We all dream of radiant, healthy skin. The means of achieving it are no secret: the right skin care, a balanced diet, fresh air as well as a sufficient amount of liquids – and most importantly, enough sleep. That’s the key to a youthful and healthy look at any age. Even if we don’t have the time to sleep like the Sleeping Beauty most of the time, we can improve the regeneration of our skin with the help of efficient skin care.


Two hormones are responsible for the regeneration of our skin: Melatonin, which protects the skin against cell damage and stimulates collagen production, and the growth hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which is only released during deep sleep. Nowadays, it is also known as the "anti-aging hormone", because studies by American researchers have shown that lack of sleep actually leads to premature skin aging, as do UV radiation and nicotine. Doctors refer to it as exogenous noxae.


Beauty sleep 101: Those who want to avoid swollen eyes, a pale complexion as well as impurities already have a skin care routine which is an important part of their evening ritual. After cleansing the face of make-up and dirt particles (which accumulate on the face during the day) thoroughly, rich creams provide the skin with nourishing ingredients during the night.


The New Beauty Sleep series: Cleansing and skin care alone did not suffice for Austrian dermatologist and beauty expert Dr. Ursula Tonar. In more than 15 years of research, she developed a night care combination consisting of a night and an eye cream. Dr. Tonar Cosmetics NIGHT specifically stimulates the skin's natural cell renewal and cell recovery process. The gentle but effective exfoliative effect is based on a highly concentrated AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) complex produced using special technology which penetrates deep under the skin surface and stimulates cell regeneration. Dead and dehydrated skin cells are dissolved (peeling effect). In addition, the skin's ability to absorb the nourishing ingredients of the cream, such as apricot oil, vitamin E and moisture, is increased. Furthermore, the collagen production, which is very important for the skin's firmness, is stimulated. As an ideal supplement, the rich Dr. Tonar Cosmetics EYE tightens and smoothes the eye region’s sensitive skin with retinol, which is a particularly effective form of vitamin A, and hyaluronic acid, which binds moisture and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. At the same time, the skin barrier is strengthened.