The Skin’s spring awakening

Dr. Tonar Cosmetics
Dr. Tonar Cosmetics
March 04, 2019

Seasons change, and so do our skin's demands: During wintertime, we need particularly rich care to protect our skin from dry heating air and rough weather. When the temperatures slowly begin to rise in spring and the first rays of sunshine arrive, you should switch to products with lighter textures. These include fluids, gels or water-based creams with SPF which provide the skin with sufficient moisture and protect it from environmental influences – without affecting it negatively.


The Best Things Happen at Night: In spring and autumn, our skin is particularly sensitive and often tends to have dry and flaky areas. Now is the right time for moisturising serums and hyaluronic masks to quench the skin's thirst, increase its elasticity and make it appear firmer and fresher. Moreover, regular peelings are a mandatory part in everyone's beauty spring routine. Peelings remove dead skin cells from the uppermost skin layer, stimulate the blood circulation and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. Peelings and overnight moisturising treatments are highly effective because the skin is extremely receptive during its natural regeneration process. This is where Dr. Tonar Cosmetics NIGHT unique effect comes into play: By gently exfoliating the skin at night and supplying it with valuable nourishing ingredients, it strengthens its natural protective barrier and visibly improves the complexion.


Water is key! Our skin consists of more than 70 % water. Skin care products add moisture from the outside and make dry skin disappear. If you want long-lasting beautiful skin, you should drink regularly and sufficiently. Two to three litres of water or herbal tea per day protect you against dehydration, support the nutrient supply of the skin and make your skin glow.


Sun protection: Although the temperatures might still be low in spring – the first sunrays already have an effect on our skin and should not be underestimated. After the long winter months, our skin has to get used to the sun’s UV-A and UV-B radiation again. In order to prevent premature skin aging, you should therefore apply sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30 before your regular moisturiser when you go outside. Moreover, applying SPF minimises the risk of getting skin cancer. Attention – the skin's sensitivity to light increases after peelings!


Nutrients for the skin: Our skin does not only need sufficient moisture and protection, but also the right nutrients. A lack of minerals and vitamins can be (temporarily) compensated by dietary supplements – in springtime in particular, treatments containing vitamin C and E as well as zinc can do wonders for our skin.